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Sweet Pea Shower - Feed Her Blindfolded



July 2008


Kim in Odenville, AL, USA

Honorable Mention

Baby Shower Party

My sister found out she was pregnant with her first child, a boy, and I wanted to give her a baby shower. I found a really cute baby shower starter pack that had a Sweet Pea theme in green, it had invitations, balloons, thank you cards, and a door banner. I thought this was really cute so I decided to use green and blue as the colors for the shower. I found lots of green and blue pieces of baby cloths, which I hung from a cloths line using old fashoned clothes pins that I painted green and blue. This was used instead of a banner or creat paper. this was great because once we were done with the party she couls use the cloths for the baby. 

I made a diaper cake which I decorated with blue and green ribbons and topped with a blue rubber duckie. The diaper cake was centered on a buffet table that was coverd with some blue material, that looked like water (it was shimery), on ither side I had put a flower pot that I had painted green/blue, with the phrase I'm still growing See you soon" on each. In each pot I put baby pops that I had made from colored candy melts. They had bonnets and ribbons on them to look like newborn babies. In the base of the pot I used floral foam to hold the siticks and covered them with blue and green wrapped "Kisses"(it was around easter so I was able to find lots of candy in the themed colors).

I had also gotten plastic decorator diaper pins and rattles and sprinkled them around the base of the cake and flower pots.  On the gift table I put some more of the diaper pins/rattles and some little items that could be used for the baby (pacies bottle clippers travle size shampoo ect). I had a table set up with prizes for the winner of the games it had a few with more rattles and diaper pins on it. Also there were two ceramic baby booties I had gotten which I filled with green and blue Jelly Belly Jelly Beans on the prize table. On the main table I had a blue table cloth which I had covered with green tuile and sprinkled with kisses and pins and rattles. I made chicken salad and cucumber finger sandwiches and used other foods with a green or blue color to them. I made punch made with sprite lime sherbert honeydew balls and blueberries.

The punch was put in a metal blue pail. Instead of cake I made cupackes I took each cupcake and used decorators iceing and made them look like baby rattles. I then took sucker sticks and put them in to the side and added a ribbon and a candied orange slice they were SOOOO cute.

For the games I had everyone split into two groups and gave each person a piece of paper and a pen with instructions that we would be given two minuets to think of as many songs that have the word "baby" in it as we could. At the end we read our lists and the team with the most got to pick a song for the other team to sing this was really fun.

Second I got a roll of toilet paper and passed it around each guest was to tear off a length that they thought would correclty fit around the mommy-to-be's tummy. This was fun as the one guest who had never been pregnant was the one who got closest.

The last game was the one I liked the most. I had each guest pick out a flovor of baby food and gave them a spoon. Then they were paired off and exchanged jars of baby food. Two chairs were put in the center of the room facing each other the guests had to sit in the chairs they were covered with bibs and blind folded. They were then given 1 min to feed the other person as much of their babyfood as they could. This was messy but fun we ended up with food in our noses and ears. We had a great time.

After the games we all gathered around the mommy-to-be who had been sitting in a rocking chair that I had decorated with ribbon and reserved for her and gave her the baby gifts. This turned out to be a great day she got lots of stuff and everyone had a blast. I have had two of her friends ask me to do baby showers for them (for friends/ family) since this one. I have also had a few requests for diaper cakes. I have since started making them to be sent out to expecting moms or for showers.

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