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Baby Shower - Pin Diaper on the Baby



July 2008


Kelli in Columbus, Ohio, United States


Baby Shower Party

I was somehow put in charge of planning my friend, K's, baby shower!  She didn't know what she was having, so I played with that idea! I had a $150 allowance on this party, so it wasn't a big amazing party.  We made our food, bought cheap stuff from Oriental Trade, and held it at our house, so definitely not a big event.  There were about 15-20 people coming. I am a pretty good scrapbooker, so I made the invites.  I got thick green paper from Hobby Lobby.  I folded it in half.  On the front I glued a picture of Katie pregnant beside a picture of her most recent ultra-sound.  I wrote WHAT DO YOU THINK IT IS? at the bottom.  On the inside, I wrote the basic info. 

At the bottom I wrote  IF YOU THINK IT IS A GIRL, WEAR PINK OR RED.  IF YOU THINK IT IS A BOY, WEAR BLUE OR GREEN.  I sent these out.  My invite total was $5. We decided to have it on our back patio.  We borrowed a couple picnic tables from family and friends.  We had 4 tables.  Two were on one side of the deck, and two were on the other side.   The ones on the right were covered with a pink table cloth.  The center piece was a pink candle.  Each spot had a fake, plastic, pink baby shoe filled with pink mints.  It had pink confetti and had pink balloons surrounding it. 

The plates on that side were pink.  The napkins were white and had a fake pink diaper pink in one corner.  The cups were pink and had the guests name on it.  I'd say all that was about $20. The other two tables were covered with blue table cloths.  Each spot had a blue fake, plastic, baby shoe that had blue mints in it.  The confetti was blue and there were baby blue balloons around the seats.  The plates were dark blue and the napkins were white with light blue diaper pins in the top corner.  The cups were blue and also had the guests name on it.  It was also $20.

We played games like Pin-the-diaper-on-the-baby and baby bingo.  We also did a survey about Katie, and a scattergories type game about babies.  The total of those games were like $10.  If you won, you got a footprint shaped cookie cutter, which was $8 for five, so like 15 of them was only $24! We were up to about $79, so we were really doing well.  We had lemonade, pop, cake, cookies, coffee, and cupcakes for food.  That was about $25. So I spent the remaining money on a couple fun things. 

We got a guestbook that each guest signed, a sash that said MOMMY-TO-BE, and 5 yellow stockings that people couple put their presents in.  For my gift, we got her a magnetic baby-sitters notepad, a yellow rattle, and I knitted her a green blanket. My mom, three sisters, and my aunt all worked as servers.  They all knew Katie, and took part in guessing.  My mom and two of my sisters wore blue while my aunt, my other sister, and I wore pink.  When guests arrived, the servers took them to the table depending on the color they wore.  They loved it.  Katie showed up in white and looked amazing.  We took a poll, and it was pretty even.  10 people wore pink, and 9 people wore blue.  It lasted like 3 hours and everyone had lots of fun!

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