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Zodiac Baby Shower - Sparkle Name Tags



April 2013


Erin in  Rochester, New York, US

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Baby Shower Party

I did a zodiac theme baby shower for a friend who is having a boy!

For the invitations I bought white card stock with the envelopes. I also purchased gold star stickers.  On the invites I drew a moon with a pacifier hanging on a string an I wrote Its written in the Stars"! I then wrote all the baby shower info inside the invite. I then put the star stickers on the front to make the invites stand out.

For the decorations I had a friend draw posters that represented all 12 signs of the zodiac. To make it more baby friendly all the zodiac signs are animals. If you go online all the animals are listed. I then bought dark blue and light blue table clothes. I also bought different baby supplies and tied them with gold ribbon for center pieces. I sprinkled gold glitter on the tables as well.

I researched different traits of each zodiac sign an wrote these traits on yellow stars I cut from card stock. I punched holes in the stars an hung them from the ceiling with fishing line. I purchased clear ornament balls from the craft store that opened in two pieces. I put blue pacifiers in the ornaments an hung them with fishing line as well. The zodiac posters were hung on the wall along with cut outs in the shape of the zodiac signs.  

I purchased gold star balloons an tied baby food jars to them as the balloon weights.  I used dark blue crepe paper on the ceiling to represent the sky. I found a moon pinata at a party store an hung that from the ceiling as well. I also created name tags for guests that represented their zodiac sign. This was a big hit. An made for great conversation. I embellished the name tags with rhinestones an glitter. I gave gift cards to guests who shared the same zodiac sign as mom to be. I also found star shaped candy dishes at the dollar store that I filled with gold butter mints from oriental trader.

For entertainment we played 3 games and did a raffle.  For the first game we passed around toilet paper an told guest to take as little or as much as they wanted. Once everyone had toilet paper they were told they have to stand up an tell everyone something about themselves until they pulled apart each square of toilet paper. It was a great icebreaker.

The next game was a zodiac matching worksheet. Then the last game was the alphabet game.  Each guest was given a letter from the alphabet an clay dough and they had to create a baby item that began with that letter out of the clay. It was great people made some wonderful creations.

Lastly we did the raffle. I created a basket with household cleaning products. We past out raffle tickets when guests arrived an mom to be picked the winning ticket. For prizes I gave the winners gift cards to local restaurants.

The food was prepared by mom to be's in laws. It was great food.  For party favors I made little bags with gold swirl lollipops a candy cigar a note pad and a star writing pen. It was so much fun an I'm looking forward to doing more baby showers in the future."

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