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Baby Shower - Rubber Ducky Theme



July 2004


stacy in bloomington Indiana usa


Baby Shower Party

This idea is for an upcoming baby shower for my sister.  I saw some rubber ducks in the store and that was my inspiration. 

I made her invitations by buying card stock and 3 stamps.  a rubber duck stamp was used first with one duck on the lower right corner of the envelope. I then stamped 3 ducks along the bottom of the front of the invitation.  My 9 year old daughter and I then colored them.  I bought the plates, cups and napkins from birthday  I bought a baby doll bathtub that just happens to be blue (its a boy) that I will use for a centerpiece with ducks floating in it. 

The cake is being made at the bakery to look like water and I will place my own ducks on it.  I will make yellow punch with pineapple juice, water, sugar and almond extract and will float pinapple sherbet "bubbles" in. The best though is the disposable diaper cake I have made for a centerpiece.  I took 60 size one diapers and rolled each one, tied a blue ribbon around each one.  They are stacked up to resemble a 3 tiered cake.  I tied each decoration on with ribbon which consisted of socks, shampoo, lotion, powder, toys, bottle, soap ect.  I then tied a thin ribbon with ducks around each tier.  I placed all on a cake circle I bought at the cake shop. 

The family of ducks I bought was a momma duck and 3 babies.  The babies will be in the tub or on the cake and the momma will hold the nuts and mints.  I have made a couple of scrap book pages to get her started and one has a sign in sheet so we know who was present at the shower.  This is the first shower I have hosted and I am having a blast reading these posts for more ideas.  Thanks and keep them coming.

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