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Baby Shower - Mother to be Chair



Nov 2002


Audrey in West Palm Beach, Florida, U.S.A

Honorable Mention

Baby Shower Party

Baby Shower for my best friend:  Theme was Winnie the Pooh and since we knew the sex of the child to be the color was Pink.  We had about 100 guest, the party was held at the mother-to-be's church gathering room.  There I set up the tables for the guest and covered them with Pink/White table cloths, pink/white confetti and four pink/white balloons at each corner of the tables. 

Each table setting was pink/white Dinner plates, bowls, silverware and cups.  The decorations I made my self included: center pieces which were baskets filled with Pink/white/purple flowers and in the center of them were hand drawn (about 20" tall)character of Winnie the Pooh and all of the characters.

Also on each table was a "Presentation Package,"(which I made on my computer at home)which included a Welcome Letter, a Thank You Letter, A Poem for the Soon To Be Little One to Be Born, A schedule of events,

The games are going to play, A request for volunteers (for picture taking, writing of who gave what etc.)  Sign in table, draped in white satin and pink bows, with signed in book and pink with white feather pen.  The mother-to-be chair was a wing back wicker chair decorated in white/pink lace to the floor with "Its A Girl," & "Congratulation," pink/white balloons.  

The Cake table was covered with a white tablecloth/pink skirt, confetti, and 2 pink/white balloons at each corner. A huge sheet cake in pink/white and purple that said of course "Congratulation." On the table also set were the plates, silverware, (all in pink and white) and cutting knife and serving utensil (in white). 

The Gift Table was covered with pink tablecloth/skirt.  There was a hand-drawn (of Winnie the Pooh Characters)box for the greeting cards, and one for the requested story books for the baby's library. 

The Food Table was filled with all the favorite foods of the mother-to-be.  I had my sister and a few friends handling the serving of the food and the cleaning up after. 

All in all the party was a success and of course I think I had the most fun watching everyone including the Mother-To-Be enjoy seeing a room filled with flowers, balloons, the smell of good food, and of course there wasn't a spot in that room that was not admired and looked upon as truly a special gift to the mother to be.

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