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Baby Shower - Huggies and Kisses



June 2004


shealin in atlanta georgia


Baby Shower Party

This is a baby shower idea  my mother and i threw a baby shower for my girlfriend from high school. it was in Febuary and the theme was "Huggies and Kisses."   The colors were red,pink, and cream.   We purchased hershey's kisses, even the big ones. those were the centerpieces on the tables. we lit pink, cream, and red candle wrapped in simple tissue paper, around the room which added a touch of elegance and a nice scent. for the balloon weights we used baby products, the mother-to-be really loved that because it added to her gifts. 

We made pink and white baby bottles from white chocolate, using candy molds and bought the snack size pretzels and dipped them in the pink and white chocolate too. We made a watermelon fruit basket in the shape of a baby carriage, people didn't want to touch it because it looked so nice! Instead of the plate with the ribbon and wrapping paper stuck to it, my mom made a corsage with baby booties/socks and greenary for the mom to wear. We made a basket with spoons wrapped in tulle filled with two hershey's kisses that read "Hugs and Kisses from Baby Goldsmith" that way each guest left with a token of appreciation.

I used baby bottles to put the salad dressings in, with labels on them like "baby ranch" "fragile french" this ended up being another gift for the mother-to-be to take home, my mom made a diaper cake, I wrote poems or you can get some of the internet a buy a $2.50 frame, print them on color paper fitting the theme of the nursey and present them to the mother and father, he cried.  Please don't leave the father out, we bought him some of those bubble gum cigars and made a basket. We printed some qualtiy time certificates, that could be redeemed with any guest so he and the mother could have some quiet time.

At the end of the shower we let each guest get a balloon and make a prayer for the family and we all released them, there wasn't a dry eye ( also cut down on clean up)! It was a day the family will never forget!  Also instead of taking a guest away from gift opening time, we made a sheet that read, "baby's thank you list" it had a space for each guest name address, and their gift, that way all eyes were on mom when she opened her gifts! It worked well when it was time to send thatnk you cards. Total we may have spent $75.00, but it was priceless to see the appreciation in the family's eyes. Hope you have fun at your next shower with easy tips

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