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Baby Shower in Autumn - Pumkin Cake



September 2004


Kristi in Chelmsford, MA. USA


Baby Shower Party

October Baby Shower-I hosted a baby shower for my cousin in late October so we decided to have a pumpkin theme.

The invitations read..."Their little pumpkin is on his way. Let's all celebrate this special day. Please join us for a shower in honor of.. etc." The day of the shower the house was decorated with Fall decor, including a lot of pumpkins both large and small. As centerpieces, we carved out pumpkins and used them as vases for flowers. We also decorated pumpkins with blue ribbons and diaper pins since we knew the baby was a boy. The mom-to-be received a corsage made out of ribbon, flowers, a pacifier and a fake mini pumpkin.

As guests came in they filled out envelopes with their addresses (for the mom-to-be to use as thank you notes). We also hung baby items on clothesline and added small tealights to carved mini pumpkins and placed them on the tables.

Instead of disposible napkins we used cloth diapers wrapped with pumpkin ribbon. In places like the bathroom I made little vases by filling large baby food jars with candy corn, water, and small flowers with blue and orange bows. Instead of games we did various activities for the mom-to-be. This included having all the guests write something with permanent marker on a disposible diaper. The sayings could be funny sayings, parent tips, or words of wisdom.

Then we arranged all the diapers in a basket and presented it to the mom-to-be. Now during those late nights she and her husband have something to look forward to as they change the baby's diaper! The guests also decorated onesies and bibs at the shower which we then hung on the clothesline to dry. We served a brunch and mulled cider and for the cake I made a pumpkin cake.

I did this by taking two bundt cakes and placing them flat bottoms in the middle. This way they look like a pumpkin. I dyed the frosting orange and frosted this part. I then used a twinkie as the stem and frosted that brown. I added a leaf cookie to the stem as the final touch. The guests took home candy apples and mini glass pumpkins as favors. The mom-to-be loved the Pumpkin/Fall theme and we all had so much fun!!

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