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Garden Baby Shower - Decorate Bibs



October 2004


Rachael in Norfolk, MA  USA


Baby Shower Party

I recently planned a baby shower for a friend and came up with some great ideas.  First we used a garden/bug theme because that was what her theme was for the nursery.  So the cake had a bug theme and the invitations were done with the same bug theme. 

For decorations, we put up a clothes line and hung newborn clothing from it...we used things like onesies, bibs, socks, burp cloths...all plain white.  You could do pink or blue too if you know the sex of the baby.  Then I set up a painting table with fabric paints and stencils. 

As people settled into the party and had something to eat, they chose some clothing from the clothesline and painted their items.  Then when they are done, they rehung it on the line to dry and the whole thing looked adorable.  Everyone was admiring how creative people got.  We also had a bulletin board that I covered in baby themed wrapping paper.  I premade cut out stars in pink and blue and on each star were spaces for everyone to guess the DOB, sex and weight of the baby along with their name.  So everyone took a guess and tacked it up on the board. 

Next to the board, I put 3 prizes for whomever came closest to the right answer.  The gifts were a cute lamp, picture frame and candle set...all from Christmas Tree Shops which made it very affordable.  Then when the baby was born, I mailed the prizes to the winners!  Also, I filled a baby bottle with m & m's and had everyone guess how many candies were inside the bottle and whoever got it closest, won the candy.  While the mom to be was opening presents, we had a timer go off.  If your present was being opened, you got a gift too! 

For favors I ordered butterfly shaped decoarted cookies, put each one in a clear cellophane bag (AC Moore), tied it with curling ribbon and added the word baby followed by the mom's last name and the date of birth...for example, Baby Smith October 3, 2004.  I also did the standard balloons, streamers, confetti, etc. 

All in all it was a tasteful baby shower with fun (not tacky) games.  Everyone had a great time!

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