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Baby Shower - Nursery Rhymes



November 2004


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Baby Shower Party

BABY SHOWER FOR A GIRL!  The theme was of course PINK PINK PINK!  First of all I sent out a request with the invitations for everyone to come dressed in pink, yellow or white so we could take a group photo.  I also sent out two index cards... one pink and one white and asked the women to write a piece of advice for her (silly or serious) on the colored one and then a blessing or even a prayer on the white card.   

When the women came in I had a friend help me pin a name of a famous mother (or woman) to people's backs and they had to ask questions to see if they could figure out who they were... here were some of the ideas for names: Mother Earth,Mother Teresa,Old Mother Hubbard,June Cleaver,Mrs. Partridge, Roseanne,Mrs. Walton,Mrs. Robinson,Mary,Lucille Ball,Rosa Parks, Hillary Clinton,Marge Simpson,Wilma Flinstone,Princess Diana,Mother Nature, Mother Goose,Betty Rubble,Barbara Bush,Laura Bush,Katie Couric,Queen Elizabeth... it was a great icebreaker. 

After people grabbed some food to eat - by the way I made almost EVERYTHING the night before... hot artichoke dip, a feta/pesto/sundried tomato dip that was YUM ( "Dip for the Stars" everyone raved....) ... cinammon rolls (turn the oven to 200 degrees then - TURN OFF and allow to rise the next morning before putting in the oven to bake) The punch was premade also - frozen and then add gingerale from Party Punch #IX .... really easy and YUM!  Also - I took anyone up on offers to bring food!  We had egg casseroles... someone made a beautiful cake... it was quite a spread and not too bad to get it all ready with the premade stuff!   

Then while everyone ate I read off the advice and my friend being showered on had to try to guess who the advice was from.  Some of them were SO cute!  (one was remeber to always wipe from the front to the back! hahaha!)  Everyone enjoyed listening to those.  After that we took our group picture in our sea of PINK and then came in for another game of Nursury Rhyme Charades:  London Bridges,Hot Cross Buns, Hey Diddle Diddle,Mary Mary Quite Contrary, Little Miss Muffet,Little Jack Horner,Itsy Bitsy Spider,Baa Baa Black Sheep, Pat-a-Cake,Little Bo Peep,Little Boy Blue,Three Blind Mice,Humpty Dumpty,Jack and Jill,Rock-a-bye Baby,Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater,What are Little GIRLS Made Of?,Jack Be Nimble,Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe,Hickory Dickory Dock,Georgie Porgie,Hey Diddle Diddle,Humpty Dumpy,One Two Buckle My Shoe,Ring Around the Rosie,Rock a Bye Baby,Three Blind Mice,Three Little Kittens,The Owl & The Pussycat,Mary Had a Little Lamb,This Little Piggy, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 

We didn't do all the songs - just enough for everyone to do one.  Then we did a "sing off".  We divided into 2 groups and I gave them 3 minutes (or more) to come up with as many songs they could think of with BABY in them... you could do only ones in the title, but either way it was so funny!  Then they had to take turns singing them as a group and the group who couldn't thik of one last lost.  It was hysterical!  We even had one of the groups rap BABY'S GOT BACK!  So funny!  After that we all had cake and watched the girl of the hour open her gifts. 

Before leaving I had a bowl of simple pink seed-bead bracelets that I'd bought at an accessories store and asked each girl to take one to remind her to pray for my friend before she had the baby.  It was stressful having FORTY WOMEN over, but now that it's over I felt so good about how it went and I really enjoyed myself since I did most of the cooking the day before!  Good Luck!  Adrienne  P.S.  I just LOVE this site - used so many ideas from it to plan my son's 2nd birthday - CONSTUCTION theme party.  I just had to give back!

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