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Bacholorette Party - Marrying a Fire Fighter



August 2004


Salviti in bradenton fl  usa


Bachelor/ette Party

Bacholorette party...      i was the maid of honor for my best friend jessica who was marring a fire fighter. 

I took the ladys out to dinner at a local seafood resterunt were i know most of the people who work there.  I had the manajor have two hot guys wiat on us and every one was to give dirty embarassing presents that she opened right there in the resterunt.  She got a karma sutra book edible undies among many other bad goodies.  Then i had a striper ( a police officer) come into the restrunt and strip for her we were there kind of late sooo almost all the guest were gone and all the employees got a funny show to. 

Then a party bus picked us up and took us to ybor city and on the bus we played games like pin the hose on the fire fighter and we handed out dare coupons who ever got the most dares completed in the first hour drank on me for the night, so the first hour we all completed different dares after that we went dancing all night long we all brought pj and got into those on the bus after that we headed back to my house  and in our pj for a little pj party which didn’t last to long for we alll passed out shortly after returning home after going out to breakfast we returned her to husband with the mooto of what happen in ybor stays in ybor!!!!

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