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Bachelorette - Mock Wedding Party



August 2004


Barb in Jasper, Indiana, USA


Bachelor/ette Party

Bachelorette/Mock Wedding Party....A co-worker had gotten engaged and she and her fiance set their wedding date for May of the following year. This year on that date in May, some friends and I surprised her with a mock wedding party.  Telling her we were taking her out to eat on her wedding day (which would be that date the following year), we picked her up and drove to another friend's house to supposedly pick her up. 

That friend said she had something to show us in her basement, so we all went in her house.  When we got to the basement, we yelled "surprise".  The poor bride to be was ready to bolt out the door, but didn't.  We had the basement all decorated up. Since we all decided we wanted to be her attendants, we got out old prom dresses, and we all had to wear one...just put each dress on over the clothing we had on.

The bride to be got her choice of the dresses for her bride's dress. Scooby Doo cone shaped birthday hats were our headpieces.  Bridal bouquets were made out of dead flowers from my garden, each tied together with string. One of the girls made a lifesize groom cut out of a big piece of cardboard.  He looked like a big gingerbread man, and we just added eyes and a smile to him. He was waiting at the end of the aisle, made up of bar stools with Christmas bows and New Year's Eve horns on each seat. We all walked down the aisle, and then had a mock wedding ceremony. 

From the ceremony, the happy couple rode to the reception (the other side of the basement) in a little red wagon pulled by one of the attendants.  A big lined notepad with pencils was where the guest could sign in, and we had a bowl of Juicy Fruit gum for favors. The entertainment was furnished by the "Dixie Chicklets" with kazoos and tamborines for backup music.  Lemonade, cupcakes, and jello were served for the meal. After the reception and laughing for a couple of hours, we took our wedding attire off, and took the bride to a really nice restaurant for dinner. 

The following year, at her real wedding, we made a cardboard cutout of a groom and brought him to the reception.  A great time was had by both weddings!

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