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Getting Married - Lingerie Party



January 2005


Amy in Edinburg, TX, USA


Bachelor/ette Party

I am planning a lingerie party for my sister in law who is getting married this summer.  I am hoping to invite a few friends over to my house (maybe 20 or so) for a relaxing and fun time. 

I would like to hire a professional massage therapist who will bring along a chair in which to give 5-10 minute back massages. 

For the invitation, I will make them on my computer and let everyone know that we are planning on giving the bride to be a break from her busy schedule, as well as the guests with the help of the therapist. 

I plan on serving salad, sandwiches, and veggies. 

We will play games and give advice as she opens her gifts. 

Guests will get their massage according to the order in which they arrived at the party.  I will probably set the massage up in my bathroom which is really big and will dim the lights and decorate with candles, flowers and soft music. 

This should be a great time for all bride to be and guests!

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