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Bachelorette Glam Red - Cleansing & Kiss Stickers



October 2005


Alstrin in Colorado Springs, CO United States


Bachelor/ette Party

When my best friend said she was getting married I immediately started thinking Bachelorette Party!

I didn't want to do one of those tacky novelty store ones and she would be bored silly with a traditional one, so here's what I came up with. I had all the guests dress up in over the top glamorous red (think fake lashes and long gloves). The bride to be was instructed to wear something cute and white. The idea being we are all vamps taking the innocent bride out for one last night of "sin."

After everyone arrived and we had had some cocktails, I had the bride write on a piece of paper the name of every man she had ever been with. We then went into my backyard where I had set up tiki torches for effect, had everyone get in a circle around the bride, and had the bride burn her list while I said some goofy litle rhyme about how she has been cleansed and is now a virgin again. We crowned her with a little while veil and put a sash around her that I had made that said in bold stencil VIRGIN.

We headed out to the clubs, make sure you have a designated driver, a limousine is fun if you can afford it. I had passed out to all the guests some stickers that I had printed from my computer that said "I kissed a virgin tonight" which we would stick on the men we had chosen to kiss the bride.   Men were coming up to us asking how to get the sticker and we would make them buy drinks or do stupid dances before he could kiss her. Everyone had a blast and we got tons of attention with our attire.

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