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Beach Bridal Shower - Sand & Seashells



Jan. 2004


Andrea in Mamaroneck, NY, USA

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Bridal Shower Party

Romantic Beach Bridal Shower 

For this party I started with formally printed invitation which had a photo of the outerbanks shore with printing in the color of the bridesmaids dresses. 

The invitation read "Walking on the beach together;amidst waves and golden sand;he asked"will you?" "of course" she said;forever hand in hand."-then all the usual info inviting them to a seafood bridal luncheon.

Glitter sand and seashells lined the walkway up to the house. The porch had large painted galvanized pails filled with fresh cut white gerbera daisies.  I painted the pails in a sage green to match the bridesmaid's dresses.  There was also a pail turned on it's side with sand coming out with starfish and shells. 

The centerpeices were big glass bowls of lemons accented with mint leaves and also smaller pails with daisies.   I covered a small table with a sage green tablecloth and put a large glass corked bottle on it-filled it a little with sand and set it on its side.  Then I had different colors of  small papers that I bought at a craft  store and different colored pens-

There was a sign that said-"Message in a bottle."Everyone who entered the shower, was handed a welcome drink of ginger iced tea or raspberry champagne cocktail and asked to write the bride a message.-At the end of the shower-I collected the papers and later glued them into a scrapbook for her to have as a keepsake.

The favors were small galvanized tins filled with chocolate shells-I cut the bottom of a large box, wrapped it in tulle and filled it with sand.  I then stacked the pails in the sand and on top of each other to create a pyramid. I served cracked crab and chilled champagne, salmon mouse tea sandwhiches, strawberries and cream, and the shower cake was lemon cake with butercream icing with scattered seashells around the bottom and a few daisies on top.  

When the bride was opening the presents, I set a timer for ten minutes and when it went off, whoever's present was being opened got a prize.  For prizes, I chose sea shell note card sets, a straw beach bag and other girly beach related items. 

At the end we had everyone guess how many daisies we decorated with and the closest one got a prize-( I bought a specific amount of loose flowers and arranged them in pails)  Overall the effect was magical.  Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time and went home full and with lots of goodies!

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