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Tacky Bridesmade Shower - Ms. Tacky 2004



July 2004


JoAnn/Anne in Three Rivers, CA


Bridal Shower Party

We threw a "Tacky Bridesmaid Shower" for our friend's bridal shower. 

The invites stated that the dress was "tacky bridesmaid". For the ice breaker we put nametags on the back of their dress which was a famous bride (Princess Di, Liz Taylor, Brittney Spears, etc) and they had to guess who they were by asking the others with yes/no questions.

We then of course did the "toilet paper Bride" game, and then on to "Stump the Bride" where the bride had to guess how her groom would answer personal questions (fav food, 1st car, 1st girlfriend, etc) and with each loss/win that she had a huge heart was taped all over her with sayings like:  snookims, honey boobins, kissey kissey (for the right answers) and Loser, jerk, dip, etc for the wrong answers! That was pretty funny, especially when she started to lose, an started to argue that she was right! 

But the funnest part by all was that the Bride, (which she wore a bridal mini dress from the 60's complete with fishnets and gloves),then had the 30 ladies line up and one by one  "strut their stuff" to the Rolling Stones "You can't always get what you want"  while she was seated in the livingroom- this was very funny some did a ballet leap in their tacky gown, another did a "catwalk" version.

And at the end, she chose her "Ms. Tacky 2004" which then received a blinking cheap tiara, the glitter sash, and plastic rose bouquet. 

Everyone was in tears from laughing so hard. The dresses were awful but we had a blast!  As a bonus the three of us that put on the shower- wore MATCHING pink off the shoulder awful dresses that we wore as her "court". When we greeted her at the start of the shower she about died! Of course we had the tacky shoes, accessories, and make up to match!  

For the keepsake of this shower  we purchesed a photo mat frame, had everyone sign the mat and put the color 8x10 photo in the center so that she will never forget this hilarious shower!  People are still talking about it! (we tried to get the local sheriff to come a issue a compliant of "too many ugly dresses in one location" but duty called that day! : (

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