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Engagement/Bridal Shower - Co-ed Party



January 2005


Angelique in Ca, USA


Bridal Shower Party

This is actually an Engagement Party / Co-Ed Bridal Shower idea.  It's rather simple.  The organizer of the party can use their imagination, but I like the idea of sending a wine charm with each invitation (one for each person invited) reflecting the character of the person or if they don't know them personally, something representing wine or the upcoming wedding. Any charms will do.  They can be bought for fairly cheap (they could even come off of charm bracelets found in thrift or dime stores). I found 18k gold plated charms online for about a dollar or less a piece. (they were taken seriously this way) 

You then make it clear in the invitation that they are to bring their charm to the party as their "Golden Ticket".  They are also to bring 2 bottles of their favorite wine.  One is for the Bridal Couple (to start their collection with the ones their friends and family love) and the other is for a tasting.  This is an excellent way to get people talking about common interests (wine & the couple).  You can make a chart and rate the wines with descriptions for the couple to refer to as they enjoy them in the future. 

If you are the type of person who believes in "parting gifts" for your guests (that's me) you can have special glasses made with the date of the party and the occasion or even just something fun like.... Merci Beaucoup!, or ......Cheers to the happy couple!, or.......In Wine we trust!, etc.    Creativity is key to the success of any party. 

Everyone wants to feel special and like the party would never have been the same if they hadn't been there.  So, make each guest feel like their participation is essential and appreciated!!   Most importantly.  YOU have to enjoy the process!!  (and the party)

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