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Breakfast at Tiffany's - Professional Violinist



August 2007


Martha in South Rockwood, Michigan, USA


Bridal Shower Party

The idea I used was originally for my daughter's bridal shower, however, it would be darling for a special girl or woman's birthday. For the theme of Breakfast at Tiffany's I tried to think of every detail that would make the party special. I made the invitations on my computer on tiffany blue" (aqua) paper and decorated each with a silver bow and large faux diamond. I asked all of the guests to dress in "basic black with pearls."

The decor was the most fun to plan and execute! The round tables were covered with floor length white linen tablecloths and I had white chair covers with tiffany blue sashes. For the centerpieces I used actual Tiffany jewelry boxes and plain boxes wrapped in white and aqua to design "stacks" of boxes with jewels "pouring" out of themwhich I purchased at the craft store and the dollar store. I made small gift cards to decorate the boxes in the centerpieces with "to and from" on them that were names of famous couples. Such as To Elizabeth With Love fromRichard (Taylor and Burton of course.)

I hot glued faux diamonds and jewels on pretty aqua champagne (plastic) glasses and tied a silver bow around the stem of each glass. We served mimosa in these. Each of the 40 guests had a cute pair of black and rhinestone sunglasses at her place setting along with a small white gift bag of goodies stuffed with aqua tissue paper. Some of the goodies were a faux diamond ring an aqua lipstick case an aqua votive candle a couple of wrapped Godiva chocolates a diamond ring shaped note pad and a sparkly ink pen.

The menu was a delicious brunch of quiche fresh fruit with cottage cheese danish (just like Audrey!) and coffee.

For the dessert I made chocolate cupcakes and decorated them with buttercream icing and aqua edible pearls. They were each topped with a large white chocolate "diamond ring" brushed with silver dust on the diamond part. I got the mold for these chocolate rings at a local bake supply shop. They were a huge hit with the guests! The room was decorated with prints from the movie photos of Audrey Hepburn and black velvet jewelry stands with faux diamond earrings rings and necklaces. These items were used for door prizes and everyone just loved it.

The finishing touch to a perfect party was that I know a teenager who plays the violin in the Detroit Symphony (youth) and I hired her to come for an hour and play background music. She played lots of great music but the sparkle in the diamond so to speak -- Moon River.  

Also one guest at each table received a prize that was in one of the gift boxes within the centerpiece which was a very large diamond ring paperweight. Most all of the items I purchased were online from party sites at quite reasonable prices. I put a disposable camera on each table so guests could help me capture the memories of our unforgettable "Breakfast at Tiffany's."

They had a lot of fun taking pictures of each other wearing the diamond rings and sunglasses etc.  People were talking about this party for a long time!"

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