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Wedding Shower Party - Austin Pwers Bingo



January 2006


Mary in Oak Hill, VA, USA


Bridal Shower Party

Jack and Jill Wedding Shower. 

One of my bestest girlfriends was getting married and I wanted to throw her a wedding shower.  But, I was also friends with the groom and wanted to make sure that he was included as well.  So, the best way to get both worlds together was a jack and jill bridal shower. 

I made a tiered wedding cake and toasted the couple with Italian champagne, after all they were honeymooning in Italy and we wanted to give them a taste before they left. 

I had a number of games planned, each with prizes, but everyone so enjoyed the wedding bingo that we we kept playing until all the prizes were won.  The bingo squares were cute little wedding terms and dirty slang from Austin Powers, one of the bride's favorite movies.  In a fish bowl, I had the words folded on paper and pulled each one out.  Bingo chips were cute bridal stickers.  Once a player got a bingo, they got to choose a wrapped prize, or they couold steal an already won wrapped prize and give a wrapped prize to another winner. 

The wrapped prizes ranged from scented candles and romantic bubble bath to more randy "honeymoon" items, like edible panties.  Guests laughed and were tickled to open up the items.  Stolen items tended to be more randy items, even among the most "proper" of guests, which made the crowd roar with laughter even moreso.

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