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Barbie Bridal Shower - Barbie Charades



September 2005


Camille in San Dimas, CA USA


Bridal Shower Party

Barbie Bridal Shower  My sister-in-law loved Barbies when she was a kid, so her sister and I teamed up to throw her a Barbie personal shower. 

We sent invitations via email through an online invitation site and then put our heads together to think pink!   

We set a table with a white table cloth, white dishes, and crystal stemware and scattered light pink and hot pink curly ribbons around the dishes.  We had a huge punch bowl filled with pink punch and topped with raspberry sherbet. 

For snacks, we had a vegetable platter with cherry tomatoes, cauliflower, red peppers, jicama, and radishes.  I made both dill dip and ranch dip with red food coloring mixed in to turn them pink.  I dipped strawberries in white chocolate and set them out on a platter. 

For the cake (a Barbie cake, of course!), which was my centerpiece on the table, I made a strawberry cake using bundt pan and a 4-cup pyrex measuring cup.  I stacked the smaller cake on top of the bundt, frosted it lightly with buttercream, and laid rolled fondant (white) over the entire "dress."  I stuck just the Barbie top into the fondant on the small cake and decorated the bodice with small frosting stars and tiny frosting lines over the shoulders to create a delicate "spaghetti strap" dress.  I extended the stars down over the dress to form a princess waist and then added little white frosting dots all over the skirt.  I finished it with embellishments on the hem.  (I also put Barbie's hair into an updo - no small feat!  It took longer to do that than to decorate her dress!!) 

The cake was served with this yummy vanilla ice cream that had white chocolate pieces and a strawberry ribbon throughout.  We also had vases of red and pink flowers and we even decorated the bathroom with pink ribbons, pink soap, and a hot pink manicure set!  When the guests arrived, they were all given tiaras and the bride had a special tiara veil. 

We played Barbie charades, where you had to act things out without bending your arms - hilarious!  We also played "dress up the bridesmaid" with horrible costume bin dresses and accessories. 

Another "game" was to write down questions for the bride about her upcoming wedding, honeymoon, etc and then each time she answered a question, she had to put a piece of bubble gum in her mouth until finally her cheeks puffed out and she was laughing too much to talk anymore.  Before the guests left, we had them all write their addresses on envelopes that went with Barbie "thank you" cards.

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