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Champagne Engagement Party - Bottle Invites



July 2005


Tara in NorthPort, FL, USA


Bridal Shower Party

I am now currently married but when I got engaged I had a champagne themed engagement party.

Of course it started w/ the invitations. I bought in bulk plastic bottles online and filled them w/  gold, & dark green foil streamers and rolled the invitation, which was a piece of paper w/ a picture  of 2 glasses of champagne on them and it said -- Come raise your glass to Springtime and  toast new love in Bloom -- For (Mans name) has found his Bride to be -- and (girls name) has  found her groom!

Then following that it had all the other info needed on an invite. The bottles were  sealed w/ alittle plastic thing that went over the top and a blow dryer tightened it on. We put labels we made on the the computer on the front and they were mailed (60cent stamp) just like that.

The  party was in a restaurant and we bought alot of green and gold ballons they were tied to a big  bottle of champagne and placed on the center of each table, the table clothes were green and gold.  The seating cards were bought plain white and I printed a picture of a bottle of champage off the  computer cut each one out and pasted it w/ a tiny piece of foam on the card, next to the persons  name that I printed off the computer, so the foam made it look 3-D.

The favors for the guys were  tiny bottles of champagne w/ labels we made pasted on them, for the girls we bought (at the craft  store) these little plastic champagne bottles and we got tulle and the gold hershey kisses and tied  them all together.

The cake wasnt so great it was just a regular cake w/ champagne bottle candles  on it. (I couldnt find a cake pan shaped in a bottle)

The Thank you notes, I made I bought plain  white card stock, a champagne bottle template I cut out the bottle and glued it to the front and  made gold glitter come out the top like the bottle was popping and they said thank u in gold (w/ a  stamp & ink) In each thank u was a pic of us w/ the guest standing in front of all the pretty  balloons! It turned out very nice!

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