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70s Wedding Shower - Name That Tune



June 2005


Amy in Edinburg, TX USA


Bridal Shower Party

70's Themed Wedding Shower  We decided to throw my sister in law and her fiancee a co ed shower, but wanted to make it different from the typical wedding shower.  She decided on a 70's theme, since her fiancee was born in the late 70's. 

We sent out invitations that were actually real records (45's).  In the center where the artist label usually is, we pasted their picture (they were dressed in 70's costumes doing a funky pose).  On the other side of the record where the label is, we wrote the actual invitation "Come join ___ and ___ and dance the night away before they walk down the aisle on their wedding day."  Then it listed the time, place and date, as well as "70's theme...come dressed to impress". 

We were able to rent a little restaurant that would accomodate our guests and would serve all the food and drinks for us.  The restaurant just happened to be painted bright colors, so it went well with our theme.  We decorated the entrance with brightly colored hanging beads (beaded curtain). 

On the tables, we used old records as picture frames and placed pictures of the bride and groom on the label area.  We also scattered 70's records throughout the room, on window sills and on the tables.  As for the bride and groom's table, we placed funky material over it as a table cloth and placed it where everyone could visit with them.  We also decorated the cake table with bright material and placed the cake on it. 

The cake was huge and had a picture of the 70's style bride and groom on it.  It also had two record shaped cakes with each of their names on them.  It was an awesome cake and believe it or not, Wal-Mart bakery made it. For the money tree, we used just a regular ficus tree and pinned little records (made from construction paper) on it on which the guest could pin money and write their name and best wishes. We hired a d.j. with a strobe light and he played 70's hits all night. 

After everyone had eaten, we played several games including:  Name that Tune (70's songs- the dj would only play a small portion and people had to write down the song title and artist), 1978 quiz (this was a trivia quiz of things that had happened in 1978...was multiple choice and I actually looked online to find the answers), a quiz about the bride and groom (how they met, etc), and "Guess Who"  (a game where I put pictures of people from the 70's and everyone had to write down who they thought the person was...can use celebrities from the 70's or family and friends). 

The games were a big hit!  Then we (the family along with the bride and groom) performed a synchronized dance to "Night Fever" from "Saturday Night Fever".  That was fun and we got some of the guests to join in.  From there we danced to several fun 70's songs.  We also gave a prize to the best dressed male and best dressed female.  We were all dressed 70's style and that was what made the party a hit.  Everyone was laughing at each other's costumes and taking pictures.  It was a blast!

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