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Casino Party -30yr- Ticket Drawing



May 2003


Cindy in Aberdeen, New Jersey, USA


Casino Night Party

30th Birthday Casino night. 

At the party we had rented a blackjack, craps & roulette table w/dealers that were or had worked in a casino. 

Each guest received $10,000 worth of chips upon arrival and you would cash them in for chinese auction tickets at any time.  Each ticket going forward would cost the guests $1,000.  We had displaced 8 beautiful theme baskets as prizes.  These were a great incentive for people to play. Guests would cash in their winnings for the tickets and place the ticket in the desired basket. 

At the end of the night, the birthday person picked out the winners.  (Funny thing was, he pulled a handful of tickets out and threw them in the air and said, "losers"..then proceeded to pick the winner).  The theme baskets consisted of rub-off lottery tickets, wine theme, winter (hot chocolate, snowman mugs), tabletop (coasters, picture frame), cigars & cognac, kitchen (towels, oven mit, oil/vinegar set), etc. 

In the middle of the party we had rented the sumo wrestling to take place.  They came with a big mat and 2 huge sumo outfits to wear.  I was very hesitant on this idea, but it was the most hysterical thing to watch people you know wrestle one another in these outfits.  I never laughed so hard. 

There was also great food, drinks and a great dj for dancing.  We also used casino decorations in the room and bought chocolate coins and threw them all over.  People raved about this party and I have to say, it was the best party I've ever been to.

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