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Game Show Party - Like Jeopardy



July 2002


Megan in Morristown, NJ    USA


Casino Night Party

My Birthday is coming up soon and I was thinking of doing a "Game Show" Party.  This  party idea was great because the party could be for any age, even adults! 

The invitations would be made on the computer with a game show theme and inside would be riddles to tell them the time, place, etc.  The riddles would be something like...  When is the party? When is the 18 day of the 8th month?  They would also go with the theme. I would have the birthday person be the host of the show, and prepare game show questions that you could easily find on the internet beforehand.

There would be a big felt board (cardboard covered in felt)with two sided tape stuck in an array of however many categories to however many questions.  The materials could all be found at a craft store. The questions could be on index cards that would stick to the tape. They would be faced upside down with money amounts on the back. 

The game would be somewhat like Jeopardy. The partiers would be split into teams and would call out the category and the money amount.  Score boards for each team could be made with felt, two sided tape, and felt pieces with numbers on them. The host would turn over the question and read it.  The team would have to correctly answer that question and then if they do they get the money amount on the back added to their score and pick again.  If they get it wrong, the next team goes and the team that got it wrong get that money subtracted.  The game is over when all the questions are gone.  The team that had the most points would get a prize like a big bag of candy to split, and the rest of the teams would get bags of chocolate coins! 

The cake would be iced with green icing ( or white icing with green food coloring) and have whit money signs on it.  It would say something related to "you win a great cake." 

Other party games could be money bag toss ( green water balloons) and pin the dollar sign on the bill ( pin the tail on the donkey sort of).The food could be a game too.  You could order a pepperoni pizza ( and a plain for the one who want it) and make each person guess how many pepperonis that was on their slice. The people that want plain could guess how many inches their crust is. 

The goodies bags could be a shirt that could be made on the computer with an iron on saying  "I Won! Now Where's the Money!"  That would be a great party.

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