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Bingo Party - Real Bingo Cage



June 2001


Diane in Great Falls MT USA

Honorable Mention

Casino Night Party

BIG BINGO - Adult Birthday Party (the kid within gets to have fun!) My husband's name is Brad and we like to do out of the normal birthdays parties like last year was backwards.  This year we are doing adult size bingo.

INVITE:  Has BRADO at the top instead of BINGO, then his age is in each square with a "L" to match our last name.  Such as you play all 4 corners, or a row, well this is a "L" you play for.  Then I put I put at the bottom Time:, Date:, and BRADO's DRIVEWAY.  These are done on white paper and printed with black/gray colors and copied then on to colored paper.  Hand delivered with Colored Nilla Wafers (to use as markers).  

CAKE:  The cake is done similar using the Nilla Wafers to mark the squares, and BRADO at the top instead of Bingo.  Black licorice to mark the squares and his birth age in some of the squares.

ACTIVITY: Then we will play bingo, by marking huge Bingo's out on the drive way.  Each person will get to play and they will "X" out their number when called by using chalk until they get a row, 4 corners, or the lucky "age".  Prizes will be like a Million dollars candy bar, gift cards, and big bags of candy.  Big items for favors.

DÉCOR:  We will set BRADO cards around on the table, a real Bingo cage.

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