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Casino Party - Casino Buffet



June 2001


Dee in Arlington, Wa USA

Honorable Mention

Casino Night Party

I LOVE giving parties for my family and when my husbands 30th birthday rolled around I decided to make it FUN.  We decided on a CASINO theme party.  We had about 30 guests. 

To prepare for this I purchased a slot machine from a vendor on eBay, my father-in-law thought that was really cool so he bought one too for us to use(I sold mine in a garage sale a month later for more than I paid for it! )Made a "Wheel of Fortune" money wheel, purchased a small roulette wheel and felt and purchased a black jack felt.  I got thousands of dollars in play money, several decks of cards, dice, dealers visors, casino decorations, black red and white decorations.  I took all of the furniture out of my living room and set up the "casino" in there. 

I gave all the guests ( even the kids) a goody bag which included a cup to hold slot tokens, $15.00 in tokens, play money, coupon for dinner, and a luck rabbits foot.  I gave all of the players 30 minutes to earn as much money as they could by playing any of the games they wished.  When your money was gone, you were done - no credit extended at this house!  The winner would get a special prize.  We had so much fun. 

You could hear the cha-ching of the slot machines the whole time - the bells and whistles went off quite a few times during the 30 minutes (I set it to be really loose).  The kids had a great time.  The big winner was my Dad with over $164,000 (Why couldn't it have been real money!!!)- he won it all by playing black jack. 

We followed the casino with a buffet of all you could eat fajitas and dessert.  The cake was probably the best part.  I had my local bakery make it from my design.  I had them cut a layer sheet cake into 6 cubes and frost them to look like dice.  It was adorable. 

After dinner it was a free for all in the casino.  All the guests had a spectacular time.  I am saving all of the party supplies for a future party it was just too much fun to only do it once.

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