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Casino Party -30yr- Scratch Tickets Favors



March, 2000


Nicole in Gloucester, MA


Casino Night Party

For my husband's 30th party I chose a casino theme. 

I rented a hall.  I decorated it with black, red, white and green balloons, casino decoration purchased at the "Big Party" and fake money. 

I sprinkled glitter and gold coins on all the tables. I placed scratch tickets on the tables for party favors. 

I purchased a roulette wheel, poker chips, playing cards, a blackjack felt table cloth and a craps felt table cloth from a billiard place in the mall. 

We spent the evening hopping from each table and the heated poker game by the women ended the evening in great fun. 

I also hired a bartender and used red, green, black and yellow plastic cups, napkins, and paper plates.

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