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Las Vegas Casino Party -30yr- Feelin' Lucky?



December 2008


Lisa in Potchefstroom, North West, South Africa

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Casino Night Party

For my brother's 30th birthday I threw a surprise Las Vegas Casino Night party.

For the invitations I downloaded a picture of chips on a roulette mat and wrote at the top, FEELIN' LUCKY?" followed by "Join us for a night of friendly gambling" with the details below. In each envelope I included a poker chip to give the guests a little taste of the party.  

I lay a red carpet leading towards the front door and at the door I placed 3 large dice on top of each other (which I made by painting large square boxes red white and black and pasting dots on them). Twinkle lights were placed around the door and an advert for a Las Vegas Show hung on the wall leading to the door.  

The front door leads directly into our open-plan sitting and dining room so I cleared the room of all furniture leaving two long tables for roulette and random card games one round table for black jack and as a gift his friends all pitched in money to buy him a proper poker table which we placed in the middle of the room. I covered each table with green felt and bought the appropriate mats for roulette and black jack. I also had a table covered with a black tablecloth and red linen for the food. I decorated that table with a smaller dice that I made and scattered a bag full of minute dices across it.  

In the corner of the room I created a bar by placing two high tables at 90 degree angles to each other again with black cloths and red linen. I had a whole bunch of drinks straws umbrellas etc. for cocktails and a fridge filled with beer which everyone had access to. Along the walls I stuck small cut outs of red and black hearts spades diamond and club shapes as well as playing cards and had a few hanging from the roof with a fish line. I also hung some red linen over the curtains and put red green and black balloons all over. A huge poster explaining the different hands in poker also hung on the wall. Several more of those large dice that I made were spread around the room. 

Each person received a set amount of poker chips in the beginning of the nigh with which they could use at any of the tables. By the end of the night the person who had the most chips received a prize (card shuffler). For the people who weren't so into the gambling or lost all their chips early in the night I set up some karaoke an  The food and snacks consisted of food platters (finger foods) that I bought from the Sandwich Barron which I lay on the food table. I also placed a bowl of crisps or peanuts at each of the gambling tables and at the bar.

For the birthday cake I got the local cake shop to bake 5 flat cakes and place them on top of each other to d dance mats in the TV room which turned out to be a great hit! There was even a hubly with different flavours! Each guest had to dress up as anyone from Las Vegas (Elvis showgirls dealers Celine Dion someone even came dressed in a bridal gown). There was also a prize for the best dressed (dice ashtray). Look like poker chips.

The top chip (cake) had the number 30 on it and there was a little note next to the cake saying All in.  As favours I gave each guest a deck of cards and a cigar with a note saying thank you for attending the party. The party was awesome and everyone enjoyed it. Till this day people still talk about that night and say I throw the best parties! :)   "

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