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Swanky Sixties Vegas 60yr - Luck be a Lady



November 2008


Colleen in Mullica Hill, NJ

Honorable Mention

Casino Night Party

This was my mothers 60th birthday so we went with a 60s in Vegas Theme. 

We had custom  invitations made.  There were shaped like slot machines and the party date was placed where the actual line of symbols would be.  I wrote a cute poem  do you like to play blackjack or maybe routlete poker the slots want to place bet- The flamingo hotel'1961...step back to Old Vegas we bet you'lll have fun.  I then added the  date time etc.  Highlighted on the bottom " Feel free to dress swanky vegas style"  

We decorated the house classic 60s vegas with many references to the rat pack elvis and the flamingo hotel.  We ordered 6 high top tables and a had an ice bucket with a  bottle of champage four champagne glasses votive candles and a deck of cards on each table.  .  We used simple white paper tableclothes but glued all diferent poker and black jacks hands on  it( with actual cards) then added gold and silver fringe around the edges.  I printed out the lyrics to " Luck be a Lady" " Suspicious Minds" and " The Gambler" framed them and hung thema round the house.  

I had a picture of my mom enlarged to 11 X 13 and framed it and typed the words : Casino Commissioner under it. Every room had gold/silver balloons and cards dangling from the ceiling.     I had a champange toast  outside to greet guests before they walked into my house     ( this was a big hit).  We hired a limo to pick up my mom and 5 minutes prior to her arrival we had all the guests ( 80 give or take) come out to the front lawn.  We asked that everyone bring their cameras or video cameras.  When she walked out of the car we rolled out the red carpet and everyone started taking pictures etc as if she was famous.  She was so stunned she had no idea what was happening. The best was yet to come. 

We had hired a casino company who provided : black jack poker and routlette complete with dealers.  She walked into a virtual casino ( complete with sixy and sexy funny money with her her picture on it).  The party guests exchanged ther " sixy and sexy" money for chips and played all night at the casino.  We had 5 gift baskets to raffel off to the winners.  Each basket was symbolic of my moms favorite things.  ex:  The "she is there for us 24 hours a day basket" which had season one and two or 24 ( her favortie TV show) or the " Sissy's Soup Basket" which was a collection of soup bowls ladels and all the ingredients for homemade soup" 

We had a singer in the group so he rented a tux and he serenaded her to : Luck be a Lady tonight.  Then there was an imprompto visit by Elvis ( my brother dressed up) and he shook his hips to a hunk of burning love. Food was set up as stations - we had American station Asian station and Italian station dispursed throughout the house for a nice flow.  We had saved for this for quite a while so we hired two servers ( WELL WORTH IT)  and a bartender( DITTO)  who served up dirty martini's and Manhattans all night long.  The night ended with me printing out the words to  " My Way " and everyone did a sing along. A magical sassy smiling.. Unforgetable night! "

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