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Get Lucky Party - Poker for the Guys



October 2007


Michelle in Cranford, NJ USA


Casino Night Party

I am actually having this party in a few weeks. It's 2 parties in ONE.   

Poker for the guys (or you can use any casino/game you prefer).  I know that in my circle of girlfriends (wives/singles) that Poker is not too exciting.  So, while the guys are playing poker I having something for the ladies -- I am hosting a Passion/pleasure Party" Demonstration in my finished basement (or you may use a separate more private space away from the guys).  

For those of you who do not know what a Pleasure Party is I'll explain -- It's like a Tupperware or candle demonstration for lingerie informative and most of all hysterical.  I actually found a rep from the demonstration company who HAS inventory in her car!!  So whatever people buy they leave with!!!!  No shipping charges or a package that comes 2 weeks later and you open it and say "Why did I order this?!?!?   My invites were sent out last week and I was very clear of what the party is.  I explained the buy in for the poker tourney and then I explained the "ladies only" part.  I went on to say that that people do not have to join in either poker/pleasure they can come just to mingle and have great conversations with good company and friends. 

ALSO  I put a small printed warning on the bottom of the invite that people need to leave the kids insecurities and drama at home.  Of course some people (esp. the guys) had no clue what "I" was hosting in my basement. Those are the people that never heard of these types of demonstrations.  So with my invitation I included the info card that the rep sent to me.  There is more information and a website etc...  So far my RSVP's are flying in with "OH YES WE WILL BE THERE!!! And WE wouldn't miss this party for the WORLD"!  Really makes me smile and even MORE excited.  

POKER Tourney I rented 2 poker tables (for 20 people) that will hold 9 players w/ a dealer or 10 players at each table.  There is the green felt and leather padding with cup holders.  I am not hiring  dealers you definitely can I opted not to.     I bought all types of card symbol decor wall hangings ceiling decor and some confetti for the food table (some went into the invites too).  I also bought some fun hats and boas.   The Dealer buttons and Poker chips I am renting as well because you need between 50-100 chips per player.   

FOR THE LADIES ONLY Cheese and crackers will be served.  I bought some cheap pink satin and I will drape it around to hide some of my kid's toys and the washer and dryer in my fully functioning home.  I also bought some fun things from the bachorlette party section of the party store.   I will have dim lighting and candles burning romantic music and lots of seating.  The Representative will handle everything else.   PS.  So far all the men are loving this ladies night idea.  I guess they will reap the benefits too.  LOL  FOOD and DRINKS All I'm having is basic finger food and appetizers. I plan to enjoy my party and not be in the kitchen all night. 

On the invite I specified hors d'vours.  I won't have anything that needs more than a small plate (7.5) and napkins.   As for the Alcoholic Beverages I am going to get a keg of beer make some sangria and a few bottles of red and white wine.  I'll have water and soda for the non drinkers.  

My party is just for an adult evening out so I will be putting the bite-size pastries out and the coffee out at the very beginning with the rest of the food.  If it's a birthday party then add Cake anytime between all the fun.     I also bought some board games.  Twister Connect Four Ouija board Uno Battleship and the Newlywed Game.  I will have them opened and ready to go in case anyone wants to play.  I will place them ALL around my party areas.  Once the Demonstration is over the whole basement will be free for all guests. "

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