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Hollywood Celebration -23yr- Walk of Fame



November 2001


Jaime in Morrilton, Arkansas,   USA

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Costume Party

For my 23rd birthday, I had a "Hollywood Celebration".  I sent out invitations I made on my computer (I got paper from a craft store that had gold stars around the border with some rainbow colors splashed through it.) and asked everyone to come dressed as a Hollywood star (living or not).  I dressed up as Marilyn Monroe.  I bought "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" with Marilyn Monroe and had it playing without the sound in the living room.  I also bought a CD of Marilyn singing and had it loaded in the CD player. 

I cut out the letters needed to spell "Hollywood" from white poster board, attached them to stakes and put them in the bushes that line the front walk at my house.  I staggered the letters some like they are in California.  I bought a bunch of big gold cardboard stars from a party supply store and wrote the names of stars on them and placed them along the floor as a "walk of fame". 

I also bought smaller stars in gold and silver and wrote the names of my guests on them as party favors.  I bought a bunch of postcards that look like black and white pictures of stars (such as Marilyn, Greta Garbo, James Dean, etc) and hung them on the wall or placed them around on tables. 

I got out all of my celebrity biographies (Madonna, Jewel, Melissa Etheridge, Whoopi Goldberg, etc) and placed them around the house.  I have some pictures and autographs of famous people that I have collected and put them around. 

I got out all of my movies and displayed them.  I placed a piece of red material at the front door to serve as red carpet. On a door, I rolled out white banner paper from the top to the bottom and wrote "Autographs" across the top. 

Each of my friends signed it and left me a little birthday message. I placed a buffet of cheese & crackers, caviar, miniature quiche, small cookies, etc on the dining room table and had centerpieces of red roses with gold and silver pieces. 

We had champagne to drink and also a pineapple and sherbet punch.  I passed out ballots to everyone and had each guest pick their top three favorite costumes.  The winners got 1st 2nd and 3rd place ribbons.  As a party favor, it is my tradition to give out Hershey's Hugs and Kisses in little bags so I put them in little gold and silver bags.

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