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Carnival Party - Venetian Masquerade



August 2008


Stacie in Rochester, NY USA


Costume Party

Every year we have a huge Halloween party but you can use the idea for any reason.  The theme is Venetian masquerade (which is NOT the same thing as Mardi Gras). 

I make up fancy invitations on my computer, send them out with a wax seal, and make everyone RSVP or else.  Its formal, masks required - masquerade masks, not scary masks. 

We play Vivaldi, and I make up a bunch of Italian food and we have a course every hour.  So you have to show up on time if you want the antipasti.  I try to serve things that my friends wouldn't have tried before in the way they are served in Italy - in several courses, that take a very long time.  But its spread out over a long period of time so people don't feel stuffed.

A good idea to have a kitchen savvy helper.  Everyone brings $5 or a bottle of wine, but no $5 bottles of wine.  I borrow a bunch of card tables and all the silver in my family and set my parlor up like a restaurant. 

The only thing about this party is, that it helps to have a big old house to throw it in.  I suppose if you have low ceilings and speckled berber carpet it wouldn't be quite as dramatic. 

This party goes over very well - people talk about it all year and start telling me about what they're going to wear in August.

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