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7 Sins Halloween Party -25yr- Games & Prizes



November 2010


Kristen in Boynton Beach, Florida USA

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Costume Party

I have a friend who's birthday is on Halloween, and I convinced her husband to let me plan the party. We decided to have a "7 Deadly Sins" Theme with only 2 weeks to plan. 

We immediately sent homemade invitations via Facebook. I downloaded a cool picture from the Movie "Seven for the invitation back ground and put a black and white photo of her along with pink candles on each side. The Couples last name is Hater so we had a fun play on the words in the invite. The invitation read:  Its her 25th Birthday, and its going to send you to confession!  Please join us to experience the 7 deadly sins, or reap the wrath of the Haters!  You are expected to arrive in costume and your effort of lack there of will not go unnoticed.

We managed the invites, planned for 20 guests an spent the next 2 weeks preparing the sin stations as we ended up calling them. Each station had a candle at it in a glass candle holder. The candle color represented the sin and I found beautiful images on line of women representing the 7 sins.  I printed them on FedEx sticker labels, (because they are free) cut them out, stuck them to the jar, and tied a ribbon the same color as that represents the sin, around the jar. I used tablecloths I already had, at most of the stations, that were also the same color that represents the sin.  Purple-Vanity/Pride Light Blue-Sloth Blue-Lust Wrath-Red Envy-Green Greed-gold Gluttony-orange I also took dye cut letters from the dollar store, glued them to dowels, and painted them black with black glitter and stuck them to the wall above each station. 

Vanity: We bought a bunch of mirrors from the dollar store and with 3m picture hanging adhesive that does not ruin the walls, stuck them all over. Then we took other mirrors hot glued them together and hung them from the ceiling with fishing line. We set up a cake dish on the vanity and topped it with a tiara, the candle, costume jewelry, lotions and other self-care items.  With red lipstick we wrote all over the mirrors vanity Pride we bet you think this room is about you your so vain ect., then we placed in a small MP3 and speaker out of sight that played Carly Simons,  your so vain" and set it to repeat. 

Sloth: We set up a coffee table with an extra large remote control the candle and snacks. We put all of the pillows in the house on the couch and this station was infront of the TV.

Prize: The guest that spent the most time on the couch had the least effort into his costume and participated least in the games won a $5 Snuggie from the dollar store.

Lust: The birthday girl had an "L" shaped couch so we separated it and used part as a sort of Chaise Lounge for lust. I bought a yard of black lace and made simple pockets for 2 pillows using no sew iron on hemming. They were on the Chaise along with a luxurious fur blanket she already had and 2 red boas. We had a small low table in front of lust. On top we placed a black rose the candle hand cuffs and suggestive dice from the dollar stores wedding shower section. We also made chocolate mold pops in the shape of a woman's bust and had them on the table too.  Next to the Chaise we had a taller table where we served raw oysters on the 1/2 shell and had a suggestive magazine. For a game we handcuffed randomly chosen couples together and had them hunt around the house for the keys.

Envy: We had a table set up with a green vase in the middle that I filled with Kale and some yellowish greenish flowers I found. I wrapped 20 boxes in bright green wrapping paper put the same sticker as the candle on each gift and with a silver pen wrote "envy" on all of the gift boxes. Then I spray-painted rubber snakes I found at the dollar store dark green and placed them all over the presents and table. The presents were used for a "Green-Elephant" gift exchange. The boxes were all filled with garbage from my house some were half used boxes of pasta and others were filled with literal trash. 1 box however had a note card inside that read "congratulations you are the Envy of all the other guests." The guests rolled 5 dice and whenever they got a set of doubles they could either take hold exchange or steal a gift of which they did not open until all the guests were in possession of at least 1 gift and all gifts were chosen.  The winner opened the box with the note card inside and won a bottle of "7 deadly Zins" wine.

Wrath: The birtday girl hates the TV show "Jersey Shore So we made a simple pinata out of a $2 cake box a covered in red crumpled tissue paper and glued a 8X11 photo of The Situation." This station was out side so I used Citronella candles; we also had our Halloween skeleton decorations all over.  The pinata was filled with adult accessories, like, mini liquor bottles and packets of hangover pills.

Prize: Whoever breaks the Pinata wins 2 stress squeezing balls.

Greed: From the dollar store we got large play money and put spots of red glitter glue on the eyes of all of the presidents. We taped them together to make a vertical fringe and hung it over the window like a valence over this station and around the table edge. I scored a $10 roulette set from the party store that we played and had cigars at the table.

Prize: Winner of Roulette won Scratch Lotto Cards so they could continue to gamble.

Gluttony: We had a chocolate fountain with lots of junk food. We played a simple drinking game with teams. We set up 5 shots for each person 4 were water 1 was liquor.

Prize: the person whom did it the fastest won an extra large chocolate bar and a McDonald gift card intended to be used to "super size" their next order.

We created a music play list of songs that represented the 7 sins: Like Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful." We had a full bar and replaced all of the bottle labels with Halloween labels and had a special Lust drink made with Passion fruit for a play on lust.

The party started at 8pm so I made a couple of simple appetizers: 2 calzones that I sliced and placed on a platter to look like ribs and topped the platter with a skull. I made Greek meatballs and shoved green pimento filled olives inside to look like green envious eyes. It was served with a yogurt dressing and a basic Greek salad.

We also made a warm fennel dip with crusty bred. It was just enough food and the guests went crazy fir it. We also had red velvet birthday cupcakes that we served on a silver platter for the birthday girl. Everyone loved the party and all of the details and sent us thank you emails the next day. We plan on sending thank you notes along with a CD copy of our playlist. "

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