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James Bond Party -30yr- Octopussy's Chocolate Cake



October 2009


Shannon in Live Oak, FL USA


Costume Party

My husband loves James Bond, so for his 30th birthday we celebrated James Bond style. 

I sent out email invitations with a classic picture of James Bond (Sean Connery of course).  The info included: Your Mission: Celebrate Herman's birthday at a James Bond-themed party! Come dressed to kill as your favorite James Bond character. Prizes will be awarded! Dinner will be served. This party will have you shaken and stirred!" I also included a link to a website that showed James Bond characters in order to give people ideas.

The night of the party I put on an evening gown and dressed as Plenty O'Toole.  My husband wore a tux and was of course James Bond.  I decorated the living room with James Bond books and pictures.  I decorated the dinner tables with water guns and Martini glasses filled with nuts.  All the food I served had to do with a specific James Bond movie.  

Appetizers: On Her Majesty's Secret Service Swiss Cheese & Crackers and Thunderball's Tropical Fruit Tray.

Dinner: Goldeneye's Cuban-Style Roast Pork Live and Let Die Red Beans and Rice From Russia With Love Green Beans with Cilantro Sauce The Spy Who Loved Me's Moroccan-Style Carrot Salad Living Daylights Chips (french fries) and For Your Eyes Only Village Salad. 

Dessert: Octopussy's German Chocolate Cake and A View to a Kill's French Free-form Summer Fruit Tart. 

As guests arrived we took pictures of them in their Bond costumes.  We chatted ate appetizers and served drinks as we listened to a CD of all the James Bond theme songs.  When everyone arrived we ate dinner.  As we ate we showed muted classic clips from Bond movies.  After eating dinner we held a costume contest for the best dressed Bond male and female characters.  The 3 people who didn't dress up got to be the judges. 

The prizes were small clocks that simultaneously show the time in 3 different countries.  Then we divided into teams and played the James Bond version of "Scene It?".  We made good use of all the James Bond books that were laying around the room!  The winning team got to take home the water guns that we'd used to decorate the tables. 

Everyone had a great time and they're looking forward to seeing what my husband will do for my 30th birthday!         "

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