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Masquerade/Costume Party 10th Anniversary



October 2008


deeba in dubai, uae

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Costume Party

10th Wedding Anniversary in Style   Irfan and I (Deeba)  celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary on 17th October, 2008 in style at 4th Point Sheraton, Dubai.  

The theme was - Masquerade and a costume party   First of all the party invite was a 5 page PowerPoint in blue and silver (Colors of the 10th anniversary) First page just had our picture and underneath it said 1998  2008, 10 years of wedded bliss Celebrating on 17th October. Next page had the invitation in a poetic form. The third page spoke of the theme and it had some pics of various costumes for people to get ideas and the last page informed that the party focuses on adults but children are welcome because lot of our friends didn't have a place to leave their kids and we wanted to include them as well. That page also gave some trivia about the 10th wedding anniversary in general : Eg.: Metals associated with it are Tin and Aluminum, Stones Sapphire and Diamonds, Flower Daffodil, etc. Last page had the RSVP info.  Everyone appreciated the invite a lot.  

We had a round table seating for 70 pax.  There were 7 tables and each one had blue shimmering cloth in the centre of the table over the white table cover. On top of that there were white and blue candles. Silver confetti was all over the table. There was blue halogen light creating a blue hue in the hall.  Masks were kept on all tables.  There was blue tulle at the entrance and around in the hall, there were 6 pillars that we draped with tulle. We had two hand made huge masks we made at home. I got my kids also involved in the making of the masks and we had a great time decorating them in the theme colors. One was placed at the entrance and one inside in the centre of the hall just above a poster I printed at a digital printing house near by. It was the same picture and the background that I used in the invite to have the continuity  

The guests immediately got into the mood as they entered the dimly lit room with only candles, blue hues and disco lights on the dance floor.  I had a DJ who controlled the music and played the latest hits and requests also organized some appropriate couple games: one was a dance floor game where as the music stops, the couple was to take a position of propose, marriage or divorce and if the marriage was called out, all the people with marriage pose will have to leave the floor. Everyone loved this game.

Another one we played was that the couples were to go and hunt for the strings hidden in the hall and tie them together in 1 minute whoever had the longest string was the winner.   Then there were loads of prizes for best costume, most funny, most colorful, most scary, most innovative, most original, best couple effort, etc almost 15 prizes were given.   Friends had cooperated and it was a fantastic evening. There was a couple who dresses as a clown, as Hare Krishna Hare Rama couple, Security Guard, Old man and old woman, Ghost, Tourist, Doctor, Graduate, Teacher, etc.  It was an evening to remember.

The guests had a mouthwatering spread for all kinds of pallets and then they all danced till late.  As they left the party, I had a return gift in store for them. It was a computer printout on 200 gsm, a frame with same background as on the invite with the title, Deeba & Irfan's 10th Anniversary Celebration 17.10.08 and then I had a blank white area with a message (crop this area and place your picture here) and below that there was a line I was there!! This was placed in a neat small rimless frame of 10 x 15 cm and I had kept it in an organza bag. All the guests really appreciated it a lot!!       

Since it was their 10th Anniversary, the d├ęcor was in blue and silver and there were lot of blue shimmer on the tables   lighting made the right ambience.  There were great games, mouthwatering food, and a dance floor where everyone had a blast till late!!! There were prizes for best costume, most innovative costume, most funny costume, most scary costume, most colorful costume, and some special prizes.

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