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Labyrinth Masquerade Party - David Bowie Classic



July 2008


Kalinda in Anaheim, CA USA


Costume Party

I planned a birthday party this past year based on the 1980's film Labyrinth" starring David Bowie. A true cult classic! 

INVITES: Sent out scripted invites on old-fashioned parchment paper including quotes from the film ("Down in the'll find something true...")

DECOR: For the front door my friend fashioned the famous "worm" out of a sock blue feathers and some stuffing. For the entryway I decorated a glass table with a yellow flower headdress (made by a friend for 2 bucks!) similar to the one Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) wears at the beginning of the movie and sprinkled the table with silver confetti stars white tapered candles and a cheap red address book with "The Labyrinth" inscribed on it in silver pen to mimic the book Sarah carries in the movie.

For the kitchen I did the "forest" theme from the movie (where Sarah eats the peach) complete with green streamers green tableware green ivy garlands golden pointsettias fake and real peaches scattered about a towering drink fountain with the special drink of the night (Hallucination inspired by Sarah's trip into the ballroom) and silver stars everywhere.

For my living rooms I did the "ballroom" scene. I hung white sheets everywhere and draped all the walls and couches with them hung different-sized styrofoam balls stars crystals and sparkly twigs on the ceiling lit candles everywhere(in safe places!) sprinkled all of the floors with fake white rose petals and cut out pictures from the movie in cheap silver frames and had them propped on the tables. I had a bubble machine going in the room as guests entered along with music from the film (and other 80's fantasy classics) playing. I got an old clock from the thrift store and decorated it to look like the one from the movie too. 

ACTIVITIES/GAMES: We had a screening of the film complete with a sing-a-long and trivia game. 

COSTUMES: It was mandatory that everyone arrive in something from the movie or masquerade attire. One guy came dressed in red/white stripes (the baby from the film).  We had a costume contest as well.

PARTY SNACKS: All food was themed from the movie. The "Hallucination" mix peaches hot Cheetoes ("Firey sticks") graham crackers and marshmallow cookies shaped into castles to symbolize the "Goblin City" etc.

CAKE: My friend made a fabulous cake -- it was 4 different cakes set next to each other with white icing and green icing squiggled on to look like the "Labyrinth" with glass marbles (Jareth's famous balls) and cutout pics from the film on toothpicks. 

The guests had a fabulous time and strangely enough I only spent about 200-300 on the whole thing. No joke--Michaels and the local 99-Cent stores had a LOT of the things I needed."

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