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Harem On Hill Party - Arabian Night Party



March 2008


Carol in Alicante, Spain


Costume Party

Our Arabian Night party was held just because we like having parties and our friends from England were coming to spend 2 weeks holiday with us. 

Our invitations were written on gold fabric and sent out as a scroll. 

We decorated our pool terrace and arched terrace in the form of a harem tent.  We draped masses and masses of fabric across the roof of the terrace, hung, lots of irredescent stars and glitter balls up, got settees and covered them with brightly coloured throws and masses of coloured, textured cushions. 

There was an area for a fortune teller, complete with crystal ball and a snake charmer area. 

The tables were covered completely with shiny gold foil, we had metallic coloured chargers for the plates, jewelled pens for the men and jewel boxes with a ring in for the ladies were used as place settings.  We had gold morrocan tea glasses and coloured nite-lite holders along the length of the table. 

Everyone came dressed in fabulous colourful arabian costumes. We had a '3 wishes' game from the genie of the lamp in which everyone wrote down their 3 wishes, they were gathered in, read out and everyone had to guess who the wishes belonged to. 

The food was typically middle eastern with zataar chicken and fattoush salad for starters, tunisian meatballs with cous cous, chick pea and coriander salad and to finish a medly of sweets, including date and orange pud with a orange blossom syrup,and cardamom cream with poached apricots and pistachio. 

It’s a fabulous night, colourful, exotic and fun.  Enjoy!

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