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Buffet a la Versailles -21yr- Let Them Eat Cake



January 2008


Isabella in Las Vegas,NV,USA


Costume Party

For my 21 birthday, my friends Philip (who was visiting from Paris) and Tinka(who lives in New York)helped me decorate my birthday celebration for roughly 100 people. The theme, we decided, would be imaginative Versailles made using the Rasterbator.  We built the buffet itself from two sets of white-painted sawhorses and some 3"-by-6" painted MDF boards; for the bar I used two folding wooden tables that already existed in the space. We covered these with pink construction paper the kind you can buy in giant rolls at the hardware store (it's used to protect areas of your home during renovations).

Juliet artfully styled a black ribbon across the table letting it cascade around the 30 glittered pigs Rosemary and I had made a week prior using plastic pigs from the dollar store -- a nod to the spirit of gluttony. Most of our other supplies came inexpensively from I stacked clear plastic wine glasses and plates in giant piles for grand impact. All over the floor we sprinkled glitter confetti.

You may think "What a freakin' mess to clean up!" But it was worth it. It created a wonderful veil all over the floor and really transformed the space somehow helping people feel comfortable letting go. The large gold vessels are from Jamali Garden. We made the tiered displays by turning bowls we already owned upside-down and stacking plates in between securing each layer with sticky tack. To add to the drama we drizzled white strands of faux pearls around and over some of the food.

Colorful confection classics like Necco wafers two-foot-long pink Pixie Stix and luscious swirls of ribbon candy dripped over the edges of their containers. Metallic jewel-toned eggs filled with chocolate overflowed from gilded vases Of course the day of the party I had a minor meltdown when thinking about everything I had to accomplish.

Thankfully Juliet and Rosemary offered their eleventh-hour assistance. The three of us along with Philip worked furiously finishing just before the first guest arrived.I had the lovelyist dresses made for me to wear at the party I had a reproduction of Marie Antoinette's Black masquerade Ballgown from the movie Marie Antoinette.

The other one was a Marie Antoinette style silver & black Ballgown.It was one of the best partys I was ever had we atedrankand played cards and black jack all night until the sun came up.It was simply marvelous.

Happy partying and as we say in Versailles LET THEM EAT CAKE

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