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Zombie Party -28yr- Jello Brains



September 2007


Andrea in Mesa, AZ usa


Costume Party

My husband is turning 28 on Oct. 5 and we are having a zombie themed birthday party for him! Everyone invited to the party MUST be dressed as a zombie. It keeps the theme and keeps it fun!

There will be alcohol at this party and under-aged guests have been invited, so the invitation states any zombies who have died before their 21st birthday will not be allowed to consume alcohol." There will be a homemade gravestone and a fog machine in the front yard as a party marker so that guests will know they are at the right spot. There will also be black streamers in the tree to add a creepy feeling.

On the front door there will be a sign that is a printed out picture of a gravestone (from a gravestone generator on the internet) that says "Happy 28th Birthday Jason!!" In the entrance way there will be a lot of pictures of zombies that we have printed out and laminated to add to the theme. The pictures look awesome!

On the tv there will be zombie movies playing all night. The volume will be turned down so that the zombie song play-list can be heard. All of the songs that will be played WILL have the zombie theme in them. There will be two bunches of six black balloons to add to decorations. His birthday cake will say "Happy Birthday Jason" so not to lose the birthday feeling.

The cake will also be decorated with small toy statues of zombies. I have made a birthday card for him that will second as a guest book. It is made from black poster board that I folded in half and wrote "Happy Z Day" on the front in a silver sharpie using a creepy font that I free-handed from the internet. The card will be sitting on the table with the silver sharpie so that guests may sign and write their birthday wishes. This will be a nice keepsake for him. We will have two jello brains (made from a brain mold bought at a halloween store) for decorations.

They will be flesh colored with strawberry ice cream topping poured over them for a nice blood touch. The brains will also be placed on some styrofoam meat trays that I got for free from the butcher at the grocery store. We will also be serving two other jello brains that are alcoholic (and not flesh toned).

We will not be serving dinner (the invitations states that no flesh will be provided and the zombies will need to hunt down their own flesh before the party). We will be serving cake chips queso dip onion dip (with black food coloring to have a gray brain pate look) and salsa. We will also have soda and a keg.

All the plates napkins forks cups and the table cloth are all black as well. So far our guest list is up to 25 and everyone says they're "dying" to go!"

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