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Masquerade Ball - Phantom of the Opera



February 2007


Scott in Columbus, OH USA


Costume Party

Every few months I host a party for all of my friends and family. Everyone looks forward to it because the wacky themes! This past October, instead of the traditional Halloween party, I hosted a Masquerade Ball. The inspiration came from Phantom of the Opera.

The invitations had pictures of ladies in gigantic frocks and men in suits with tails. The headline was. Hear Ye Hear Ye! Come One Come All to The Masquerade Ball!

At the time, I had a large house built in the 1800 's perfect for a theme of this nature. A local party supply store was selling paper masks (the kind you see in Phantom of the Opera) for $.25 apiece! Well, I loaded up on 200 of them! I hung 100 from the ceilings. The other 100 masks were available for guests that did not have a mask. I lit about 75 candles and placed several in each room to get the effect.

I had a spread of food that would have made Martha Stewart Jealous. I was also able to find metal-look-alike cups for the grog!

All of the guests were encourage to wear the most gaudy and outragous frocks that would have been found in the 1800's. My roommate and freinds and I had found costumes at a costume store that included big black velvet cloaks, buckle shoes, white tights and ruffly shirts.

We were by far the best dressed, but the guests went all out on thier costumes Everyone was speechless when they saw my modern-decorated palace turned mid-century.

We had some classical music playing until eveyrone got sick of it and turned the mainstream station! It was more of a social gathering than a game playing event.

Overall, 150 people had turned out coming to the party, making it the largest outcome in my party throwing history! No one left disappointed or hungry!

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