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Mash BBQ -50yr- Blindfolded & Surprised



August 2003


Claudette in Wilmington, NC USA


Costume Party

For my husband's 50th birthday, I gave him a Surprise M.A.S.H. Bash Bar-B-Que. He is a hugh fan of the M.A.S.H. television series and still watches reruns to this day.

I sent out invitations I made on my computer with a M.A.S.H. theme and asked everyone to dress in M.A.S.H. attire. I rented some propts from my local Army Surplus store and we set up a camp site in my daughter and son-in-laws back yard, complete with signage seen on the episodes that were made by my adult children. 

To prepare him, I took him to a hotel where he, I found out later, expected to be taken to dinner and have some close friends and family meet us. But, I threw a kink in it, by blindfolding him, dressing him and myself in our own M.A.S.H. attire I had purchased without him knowing.  I refused to let him even touch his clothes and rode him around a bit to keep him confused about his surroundings.

When we arrived, at my daughters home he was blown away, when I led him through the house and out the back door to his friends, some of which were old Army buddies, and our make shift M.A.S.H. camp. I even had a friend, who is an excellent belly dancer, appear to give us all a show.

Believe me, it was a surprise we all will never forget. In fact, we've made it an annual event.

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