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Doctor Costume Party - Name Your Poison



May 2004


Debbie in Metairie, LA

Special Mention

Costume Party

This was a party for my daughter graduating from medical school and my future daughter-in-law graduating from dental hygiene school. 

The invitation was a prescription and the party was a costume party, where everyone had to come either as a medical or dental professional or a patient.  At check in you had to register at the emergency room and had to sign in on a chart and were issued a hospital bracelet.  We also had real stethoscopes, head covers (for surgery), shoe covers (for surgery) and bandages pre-cut for anyone that wanted to enhance their costume. 

You then proceeded to inside the house where we had an orthopedic table with casts, splints and neck braces.  Then there was the radiology department where I had real x-rays taped on 10 French doors and they could be seen from inside or from tne patio.  There was a sign stopping people from going upstairs telling them that colonoscopies were given upstairs, so if they didn't want one, to please stay downstairs.  Between the kitchen and den was a string of pictures of dental nightmares and the Doctor's hall of fame with pictures of Drs. Spick, Kildare, Casey, Doolittle, Frankenstein, Zhivago, Scholl, No, etc. 

On the piano was a sign stating that the piano had tested positive for the deadly phalange/tympanic disease, so it would be wise not to place food or drink there for fear of contamination.  The cake had a tooth,caduseus and a stethoscope.  Next to the cake I had a doll for each girl with a lab coat with their names embroidered on the coat.  Each guest received a toothpaste sample with Yvonne's new office phone number on it and they also received a wrapped bandaid with Andrea's name & phone number sticker applied. 

On to the bar...The name of the bar was NAME YOUR POISON. There were pharmacy bottles with a few names of poisons on the bar in addition to the ones with liquor names. Alcohol was already measured into test tubes with lids.  This took a few days, but each shot was pre-measured into the test tubes and it was easy on the bartender.  There were also pill bottles with jelly beans in them.  Behind each container of the shots were large pharmacy bottles with labels on them designating each liquor. 

Peanuts were in an expectorant bowl from the hospital.  Beakers held the lemons, limes, cherries, olives, etc. I froze exam gloves for icing the wine.  I also had my sons blow up the gloves as balloons.   The keg beer was served in none other than plastic urinals.  I had a sign stating that these were new, never used, at least that is what the second hand store told me, but then listed they were really new from the manufacturer.  Coffee was made in the pot and ready for the guests. 

The creamer, sugar, Sweet n Low, etc. was in a bedpan.  We had wheel chairs and walkers and crutches for picture props. Many people came in hospital gowns but most were in scrubs.  Everything was brand new, never used. I was able to purchase everything from Ebay and it took about 9 months to get everything that I wanted.  Even our costumes were purchased from Ebay. 

We had a contest for the best costume and the winner won the Golden Stethoscope award, (one that I had spraypainted). I had someone from the newspaper come out for an interview and it was in the paper within the week.  We had over 200 people at the party.

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