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Nerd Party - High Waters & Taped Glasses



February 2005




Costume Party

3 Years ago for Halloween we had a "Nerd Party". It was a hit!  People came as their favorite Nerd or just any nerd. I went as "PAT" from SNL & my husband went as "GENE" my sig. other.

We had 2 ladies dress in 80's prom dress's with red lipstick on their teeth, blue eyshadow, with bright pink blush, pigtails, white pumps w/lacey socks. Some wore poddle skirts, & clogs. 

Of course everyone had the glasses with tape.  Most of the guys wore high water pants, wing tip shoes, polyester suit jackets, pen protectors, & plaid shirts, with their hair parted down the middle w/a piece sticking up.

Pretty much everything you could get from a thrift store. (Or your parents closet) lol Everyone was in character…they laughed ,talked & snorted like a nerd. 

We played nerd games like "pin the mouse on the computer, spin the pen (like spin the bottle), we carved pumpkins to look like out character (the best they could) & the limbo. We even did the bunny hop. As the nerds came in the door we gave them name tags, "hello my name is" they made up names like poindexter, birtha…it was great!

For food we had  things like veggie plate,  salads, cheese & crackers, fruit, & homemade clam chowder & a few sweets. 

To drink, koolaid w/sprite in a punch bowl. Decorations were over the top as far as Halloween goes. You could do this for a birthday or any fun event. It was a blast!  Our friends still talk about it.

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