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Adult Pirate Party -30yr- Pirate Sail On Deck



September 2005


Crystal in Washington, PA      USA


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Adult Pirate Party.....I have hosted quite a few party's.  Through my experience, I have learned to make a themed adult party a great success.  My best advice to anyone is to "WOW" your guests before they get out of the car.   My pirate party was held this labor day.  The guest of honor was my brother in law who has just turned 30. 

First I sent out invitations for the party.  i made up a rhymme that included all the information for the party.  time, date, place, costumes, and where to get costumes.  I bought parchment paper and put a ship watermark and printed them myself.  Everyone loved them.  I provided a handful of costumes that I had made.  I bought dozens of swords, bandanna's, eye patches, and beads. 

For food we roasted a pig and then of course had lots of extras.  But my "WOW" was the absolute best.  I have a fairly large deck.  50ft by 14ft.   I made a square sail.  It measured 13ft by 8ft.   It was black and white striped.  I took an old tire put a strong medal pole in the middle of the tire.  Then I poured cement in the center of the tire.  Let it dry.   I then took my carpet tubes and tied my sail to the carpet tubes.  Putting a stick out the top with a large pirate flag on the top.  Then I slid my medal pole inside the carpet tube.  I also took a long 2x4 and tied it to the carpet tube to keep the tube from bending.  I found a very large (3ft. in diameter) tube.  I slid that over the tire and stood it all up.   Then I filled the tube with sand bags.   And it held all day and night.  In total the top of the flag was aroung 30 ft. in the air.  My neighbors and friends are still talking about it. 

I then took some trim boards and made a point out of the one end of porch and covered it with paper.  That was the front of my ship.  I borrowed a large brass wheel and we mounted it at the front of the ship so it turned.  I had a glow in the dark skeleton dressed as a pirate, blow up palm tree and put that as an island in the yard. 

I also put a treasure chest of gold next to my dead pirate.  I made the treasure chest with a styrofoam cooler. I spray painted it brown and spray painted some rocks gold.  I also made an extra chest for all my favors.  Since this was an adult party we served beer and rum.  And knowing the party would go in to the night time.  We hung lots of black lights which made everything glow, like a ghost ship.  It was an absolutely fantastic party.  

Most people came dressed up. But those who did not gave heart felt appologees, for they know it was a great mistake.  My friends cannot wait for another.  Oh, one more thing, without help from lots of people this would not be possible.

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