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Luau Dare Party - The Most Shells Win



November 2001


Buster in California ,USA

Honorable Mention

Dare Party

Luau Dare Party,  This party is geared more towards adults.  

First, the party would be well decorated for the occasion with all the regular Luau accents. Then the invitations would be sent out to all invited guests with details of a catered and open bar event. The invitation would also include a hint of a game that would be played by guests with lush prizes to be distributed. 

When the guests arrive, they would each be greeted by the hosts and given a small bag of 25 shells to keep in their possession until the details of the game were announced later.  After a determination that most of the guests had arrived, the host would then announce the details of the game as follows. 

Shell Dare Game: 1. Each person can dare another person to reveal something about themselves or complete a requested task. The dare would be accompanied by an amount of shells given to the dared guest after he or she has completed the desired task. 

2. The dared guest has the ability to accept and complete the dare or refuse the dare with no penalties. 

3. The dare can be of any nature (example: "I dare you to dressup in a grass skirt and coconuts for 10 shells")  

4. Each guest participating in the game should always consider his/her partner prior to making or taking a dare. 

5. The guest with the most shells (usually the craziest and most daring person) wins first prize and so on. 

As a word of caution, this game can get pretty wild so it's not for the conservative crowd and KEEP A CAMERA READY!!!!!

It would also help if you recruit a family member in helping locate the shells and pay for some of the prizes.

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