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Naughty or Nice - Horns or Halos



Nov 2002


Kim in San Francisco, CA USA


Dare Party

Here's a fun holiday party theme for adults: "NAUGHTY OR NICE", or it  could become a birthday party theme "GOOD TO BE BAD!".

When  guests walk in, they get to choose to put on devil horns or an angel's  halo.  The fun begins -- the naughty group sips a steamy red drink from martini glasses (use dry ice to create the steam) while the nice group  sips a frothy white pina colada or champagne.

The theme can carry  through the food: hot & spicy gumbo or fluffy white mashed potatoes.  Even dessert can be playful with a naughty or nice sundae bar (lot's of  whipped cream for the angels, and red hots for the devils!) 

When  everyone hits the dance floor, red glow necklaces are hot for the  "naughties,"  fluffy white boas are perfect for the "nice" girls and white  fiberoptic flashlights are great for those "good guys". 

Decorations can  be alternating centerpiece of white or red roses, or, if flowers aren't your  style, red floating candles in red liquid (use food dye) create a devilish  glow, while white floating candles look absolutely heavenly with clear  glass gems at the bottom!

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