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Super Scavenger Hunt - Items, Projects & Triva



June 2005


Dawn in Houma, La


Dare Party

Every year I put together a Scavenger Hunt for the ladies on my float, and every year each team finds all the items, no matter how many i put, and we are left with a tie.

Well this year I decided to take it one step further, and I must admit, it worked!!  I made the list about a month ahead of time that way I wouldn't remember everything on it.   I made one copy the master copy and put all the points on that one.  This year I separated the list into 3 different categories: items, projects, and trivia. 

When everyone arrived we pulled names to see who was on each team (you put how many you want on each, we did 4 per team), then I handed each team an envelope and we were off!!  The items category had 55 items to find, the projects category had 10 different things to do, and the trivia had 10 different questions to answer, but all had to be done in the time limit--the rule for the time limit was any team not in on time would have 10 points deducted for every 10 minutes past time limit.

Some of the 55 items to find were: a toothbrush, a menu, page out of the phone book with a person on the teams name and number, 1972 penny, 1984 nickel, 1995 dime, 2003 quarter, empty wine bottle, peice of rubber from a tire, flyer from upcoming event, and my old favorite--ROADKILL!! 

Some of the projects were: get the signature of 25 people you met on the hunt, get 6 different empty beer cans in a six pack holder, make a flower wreath out of real flowers, go to the graveyard and get a crayon rubbing of the first name of each person on your team, get a crayon rubbing of 5 different surfaces. 

Some of the trivia questions I had were list 25 states, list 10 different schools in our town, list 10 different bar rooms in town, list all the mardi gras krewes in houma, and list 20 cities in louisiana.

Both teams made it on time, we spread out all the stuff and counted up the points, and we actally had a winner this year!

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