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80's Bash Party - Twister & Trivial Pursuit



March 2007


Ruth in Vernon, BC Canada


80's Eighties Party

Last March we threw a huge birthday 80's bash for a few of our friends born around the same time.

For decoration and decor we made a rubix's cube on the ceiling of our livingroom use black streamers for the outline and brightly coloured poster board for the coloured blocks. I went to a few second hand stores and bought 80's records and tapes. I pinned the record cases up around the room and hung the tapes from the ceiling. I taped the tape covers together and made a collage and hung that up too. I found an 80s Madonna poster and a few other 80s theme posters at the second hand store and hung those up. An old Trivial Pursuit board and question cards were also put up on the walls as decoration. Off to the side I set up a Candy Bar" with candy from the 80s such as nerds pop rocks twizzlers etc for guests to help themselves to. It was a huge hit.

For food I had chips pop tarts wagon wheels anything that I could remember from the 80's.

We cleared out our livingroom for a dance floor and a friend of ours who is a dj brought his equipment and played the best of the 80's.

In our rec room we had 80s movies playing all night long (Top GUn Flashdance etc).

Games such as Trivial Pursuit and Twister were held in another room.

For an added touch we wrote out 80s sayings (gag me with a spoon way etc) on neon poster board and put them up everywhere. Everyone had to wear 80's clothes and we had a prize for the best costume.

We also had a contest for the best 80's hair.

Everyone had to bring a picture of themselves from the 80s. The best mullet won.

It was a lot of fun and everyone said it was the best party they had been too.

I highly recommend an 80s theme party. There are a lot of decorating and game options."

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