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80's Party - Movie Post Collage



October 2006


Karyn in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


80's Eighties Party

We had an 80's party that was amazing this year.  We sent out invitations letting people know that they should dress up and that there would be prizes. 

To decorate for the party, I downloaded pictures of 80's movie posters on the web put them together in a collage and had them printed on poster sized paper and laminated so we could use them again.  Then I found pictures from 80's fashions, toys, bands and trends and printed them out.  I cut them out and put neon color backing on them.  We then laid each neon-backed picture all over our dining room table and coffee tables to make a huge collage.  We then put a clear plastic table cloth over it and taped it down.  So we had a collage of 80's stuff as our table covers!  People loved it! 

I printed up quotes from movies and sayings from the 80's (like gag me with a spoon, etc) and put neon paper backing on them and then blue tacked them all over the walls.  The walls were completely full!  We then took some brown packing paper and put it on one large wall and drew bricks on the paper. We cut out bright neon letters spelling "GAFFITI WALL" and velcro'd pens next to it.  People went crazy over this writing things all over it and having a blast! 

I left out glow-in-the-dark sticks, silly putty and play doh for them to play with.  It was funny to see grown adults going so crazy over play doh!  We set up our lanai for dancing and had a giant disco ball in it.  BENQ makes CD's that look like little vinyl records.  I added fishing wire to them and hung them all over the ceiling. 

I also hung mini-disco balls and white boa's from the ceiling.  So, when the large disco ball was spinning, it also reflected on the CD's.  It was an amazing effect.  I also blue tacked these same CD's to the walls everywhere. 

I hung pastel lights that I got from IKEA.  We had a video game set up with Pac Man, Donkey Kong, etc.  You can also download old 80's movie trailers from the web for free.  My husband downloaded them onto a DVD and we had them playing all night.  Everyone had so much fun re-living their childhood. 

We also had Connect Four and other games sitting out.  We served Pizza, buffalo wings, etc.  We had jello shots, Boone's wine (as well as the good stuff) and Pac-Man cupcakes.  The party was a blast and everyone had so much fun.  Everyone left with homemade 80's music CD's and plastic toys from the 80's!  The nostalgia around made for a great atmosphere!

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