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80's Slumber Party - Pretty in Pink



July 2006


Bethany in Cleveland Heights, OH USA


80's Eighties Party

I am having my girlfriends over for an old fashioned 80's themed slumber party. What is special about this is that we are all 30-something, and most of us are mothers.

The invitation said, "It's just like high school except we are allowed to drink and we'll go to bed at a reasonable hour!" Because of my 80's crush on James Spader,

I decided we would watch two James Spader movies. I took a survey before the party was planned about movie selections, listing all his movies.  Of course "Pretty in Pink" and "Less than Zero" won. 

In addition to the 80's movie watching, all guests will be arriving in Pajamas with sleeping bags!

For party favors, I'm making "Crush Books". 

I asked all guests who their favorite 80s movie star was, and will take that informaiton to make little notebooks with picutes, a filmography, trivia, a where are they now section, fan websites, etc.  The back is reserved for autographs and on each one I wrote a mock yearbook entry thanking them for coming to my party.

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