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80s Party - Eighties Trivia



September 2005


Karen in East Syracuse, NY


80's Eighties Party

This past February we had an 80s party for our neighborhood.  It was great because there was a big snow storm that night and everyone was able to just walk to our house.  It also was great because there was no chance of anyone drinking and driving. 

We made the invitations on our computer, on the front was a picture of Ferris Beuller and it said "Dig out your parachute pants and leg warmers and get ready to party".  On the inside there was a picture of the breakfast club and it said " the 80s are back! One night only! For the Ridgeview Community (date, time, place.  Join in the fun and wear your best 80s garb." 

Our neighborhood is great because we are all about the same age (mid 30s) so everyone could really relate to this party.  There were about 30 people (adults only) and almost everyone dressed up!  A few girls dressed as Madonna-type, most of the guys dressed preppy one even dressed as Ferris Beuller.

There were a couple of metal heads and my mild mannered businessman husband dressed as Dee Snyder from Twisted Sister.  He was soooo funny people didn't even recognize him. He wore a long, blonde curly wig, black jeans, a black Dr. Martins T-shirt that on the back had a skull and said "London Underground" (I think I actually got that shirt in the late 80s).  He also wore a black studded bracelet and belt.  Needless to say, he won the costume contest.  I was 5 months pregnant at the time so I just wore some black stretch pants and a long "Frankie say Relax" t-shirt.  I wore my hair big and bought some big bright colored jewelry at Wal-mart. 

For the food we had basic finger food and for the alcohol we had beer and Bartles and James wine coolers.  I set up albums from the 80s around the party area.  I also had a couple of Rolling Stone magazines from the 80s that I put out.  And I had a photo book of Michael Jackson from like 1986 (when he was cool). 

I made up a trivia game where we just asked trivia questions and people shouted out the answer and won a prize.  A couple of the questions were "What is the name of the restaurant upstairs from Cheers?"  "Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman starred in what movie involving a dead guy?"  "Michael jackson's hair caught on fire rehersing a commercial for what product?"  Then I had downloaded movie posters from the 80s and blew them up and blacked out the title.  I held them up one at a time and people had to guess what the movie was. 

For prizes we had Rubik's Cube key chains and an 80s CD that my husband made off the computer.  These came out really nice and everyone loved them.  I have people come up to me and tell me that they listen to the CD all the time in the car.  Then we had Karaoke, I bought a couple of 80s Karaoke CDs.  That was a lot of fun. 

Then to top off the night, we played quarters so it really was like parties we used to go to in college.  Everyone had so much fun, people came up to me all night and told me that it was the best party and was such a great idea to have it in the dead of winter when everyone is hibernating.  I'm planning a beach party for February 2006, hopefully it will be as great as the 80s party!

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